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Austin Concrete House Foundations

Concrete contractor, Kenneth Balthrop, has been doing concrete work in the Austin area since 1979: first in a partnership for ten years; then by 1989, as a sole proprietor under the name KB Concrete Construction. In 2000 we incorporated and became KB Concrete Construction, Inc.

Today, KB Concrete Construction, Inc., continues to be family owned and operated, and does house foundations, plus other types of slabs, driveways, additions, and even tennis or basketball courts.

We specialize in pouring custom house slabs for discerning homeowners. Whether your plans call for rebar or cables; or whether your new home will be within a city or in a remote rural spot, KB Concrete will be happy to give you a free bid.

You can email the plans to us and then we will come out and survey the property to determine how out-of-level it is, and how accessible your property is for a concrete truck.

Ecologically sound, architecturally flexible, and the most durable of all foundations, today’s concrete slabs can also be stained to create unique, beautiful, easy maintenance flooring.  If you want a stained concrete floor, we work with several concrete staining companies, who will help you choose what might work best for your home.

Things to consider before seeking a bid:

  • Obtain a set of plans
  • Clear your lot to allow us to survey the site and determine how out of level the site is.
  • We can help you determine what kind of soil you have: Rocky, sandy, or near a creek? This can affect the price of the slab.
  • What kind of steel reinforcement or cable system do  you or the builder want?
  • How accessible is the site for large  concrete trucks?

If you want a stained concrete floor, we can refer you to the appropriate concrete staining company.

We do work within a 75 mile radius of Austin (See our Service Area page). When you’re ready to get a free bid or just have questions call us:


or email the plans to: